Maine Mariners vs. Norfolk Admirals at Cross Insurance Arena

Maine Mariners vs. Norfolk Admirals Tickets

Cross Insurance Arena | Portland, Maine

On Friday 27th January 2023, Portland, Maine is the official home of hockey as Cross Insurance Arena hosts one of the hottest games to come out of the league. Just imagine joining thousands of fans in watching as two head coaches bring their best rosters to the ice for this awe-inspiring event. Two teams, with veteran players inspiring fresh-faced rookies to form their best offenses and defenses. Every goal will be a hard-earned struggle and victory will be challenging from the first face-off to the closing seconds of the match. You won’t want to miss out! In fact, many sports enjoyers are already calling this coming match at Cross Insurance Arena one of the thrilling games of the winter and a potential record setter of 2023. If you’re at Cross Insurance Arena on Friday 27th January 2023 then you could be watching hockey history in action. But you can only enjoy the show if you buy your tickets today! Because tickets are selling now and that means your seat in the house won’t be there long if you wait. So make sure you click the link to buy your tickets so you can enjoy the best game of the decade only at Cross Insurance Arena in Portland, Maine this Friday 27th January 2023! You won’t regret having the time of your life!

If you have ever wanted to see the best that league Hockey has to offer, then the iconic Cross Insurance Arena has you covered. This arena in Portland, Maine gives fans everything they could expect from a Hockey venue and more. The seats are comfortable and spacious, the event staff are friendly and welcoming, and even if you’re in the back-most seats, they have a huge jumbotron to give you a perfect view of the game. Let’s not forget that you can also stay refreshed with the wide variety of vendors providing delicious food and beverages throughout the the stadium. You simply can’t go wrong with picking the Cross Insurance Arena for your next live Hockey game.

Maine Mariners vs. Norfolk Admirals at Cross Insurance Arena

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