Cross Insurance Arena Seating Chart

The Cross Insurance Arena offers a customizable venue that’s perfect for sports, conventions, concerts, and more. In it’s largest athletics arrangement, there is seating for up to 6,733 persons. Every event will have its seating arrangement as listed in the event description, with the pictured seating charts being the most common for athletics and concerts respectively.

Standard seating is arena-style seating designed for comfort and cleanliness with armrests for optimal relaxation during the event. Generally, there are two types of shows; General admission and reserved seating events, as described in the venue rules section. Please read event descriptions to know what applies to your ticketed event.

If you require special needs seating, including wheelchair and companion seating, please call the venue at 207-775-3458 no less than two weeks before your ticketed event, so that the venue can offer their special needs services team to provide appropriate assistance.

NOTE: The seating arrangement can be subject to change depending on the type of event. Always check the seating chart for your individual event which can be viewed when selecting your ticket.

Reserve your seats now by purchasing your tickets using the link below. View the Cross Insurance Arena schedule to purchase tickets for all upcoming events.

To read more about the ticket and refund policies, please visit the ticket information page.